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June 23

Get the Results You Expect From a Flyer Printing Business

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Flyer printing, especially color flyer printing, can bring in a lot of business for very little money and time. While flyers are often used by companies that are just getting started because of the low cost, they can be useful in any business marketing plan. When you start any marketing campaign that uses flyers it is important to figure out what kind of results you hope to get and who is your target audience. While the cost of flyer printing is very reasonable, you have to keep in mind how you expect to get the flyers out to the public.

Fun fact: did you know at one point flyers were known as handbills because they were mostly handed directly to people? Going to an event with large crowds that you know will consist of your target audience and passing out flyers is a good idea. Many businesses will place their flyers on every car in a parking lot rather than approaching people. These are just a couple out of MANY options that can all be effective depending on how much time you have to spend on flyer distribution.

To get the results you expect you must design the flyer with your target audience in mind and in a way that will catch their attention. Since you are working with little space, the message on your flyer should be direct and to the point. People are less likely to read a flyer that is covered in text front and back (that’s what brochures are for). Using photographs or illustrations that correspond with your message is important. Also be sure these photos are in focus and properly sized for your flyer. Using a professional designer is always a good idea, they will know what typography and layout is best for your information. Of course using a custom printing service such as ourselves is the best way to produce flyers that are consistently of high quality that will get noticed by potential customers.


June 21

Trust a Custom Printing Service to Eliminate Common Mistakes Made in Business Card Printing

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It is important when having business cards printed that every detail is flawless. Your custom business cards play a crucial role in presenting not only your identity, but your company’s brand as well. If you give out a business card that has mistakes it can ruin an opportunity that you might have to do business with potential clients. Sometimes it is hard to notice every tiny detail, but that’s what we’re here for! Here are some common mistakes people make when printing their custom business cards, each one a great reason to trust the experts to deliver a professional product every time.

1) Being Basic, Not Custom – Using a business card template to get your layout started is a great idea, but a misstep we notice time and time again is when people don’t customize these templates to fit the feel of their company. Templates allow you to create business cards quickly, and for non-designers it helps with composition and layout. Think about your own collection of business cards that you have acquired through the years. I’m sure the plain, template designed cards are easily forgotten or even worse thrown away long ago. Having a custom business card design delivers a message of professionalism which is a great way to start off any business relationship.

2) Hard to Read Cards – Another huge mistake is having a business card that is not reader-friendly. Having a dynamic design is important, but if a new contact can’t read your information due to poor choice in font style or color then your efforts are wasted. Think about who will be receiving your business cards and how your color choices will reflect on your company. If your business involves serious matters, picking wild color combinations may seem too informal for potential clients or customers.

3) Poorly Done DIY Jobs – We discussed in our previous blog Reasons to Use a Business Printing Service Over Doing it Yourself that printing business cards at home or in the office is a major no no. This is an easy way to make yourself or your company seem amateurish, which is not the first impression that anyone wants to leave with a new contact.

4) Not Reprinting When You Find a Typo – Finally, one of the WORST mistakes we come across is being handed a business card with information that has been corrected by hand. Any worthy professional would take the time to proof read their information before sending it off to the printer. Using a custom printing service is the best way to be sure your information is typo-free! With business cards starting at $29 there is no excuse to be handing out business cards with crossed out information. Use our custom printing services to help make a first impression that you’re proud of!


June 14

Reasons to Use a Business Printing Service Over Doing it Yourself

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You’d be surprised how many companies print their own office stationery, or don’t use a company stationery at all! Many businesses see it as an added expense but for those who use professional printing, the marketing results can be huge! Not to mention saving the cost of printing the stationery yourself.

Believe it or not, having a professional printing service print for you is cheaper than doing it yourself! Especially with our PH(45) Challenge which states if you can find verifiable pricing on comparable printing products and quantities, we’ll beat it! As I’m sure you already know, paying retail prices for paper and ink cartridges or toner really add up.

Custom business printing services can also offer a wider range of paper stock choices than those that are available for use on standard office or home printers. With these office or home printers you are limited to the amount of color you can implement into your design because the paper tends to lessen the color quality. By using our services you don’t have to compromise your design because professional printing uses a process that preserves the integrity of the paper and the colors or graphics you choose to include. Also the options to use non-standard sizes or various weights and finishes come with using a professional service that you normally can’t produce yourself.

When presenting your printed materials to potential clients you want to make sure your business cards and letterheads are high quality printed materials. Don’t shortchange your business identity, you can save a buck somewhere else that isn’t as important!


June 10

Making a Statement with Custom Printed Letterhead and Other Business Stationery

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Building a brand for your business is an ongoing process that can be anchored by keeping your company’s identity consistent. One way to do this is to have custom printed business stationery that goes with your logo and web site. A professionally printed letterhead is a marketing tool in itself that can go a long way to help your business make a statement. Sometimes these printed materials are the only impression of your business that potential customers have.

With that being said, an important question to ask is what kind of statement are you making with your letterhead, envelopes and even presentation folders? Things to consider include not only the layout design, but also color choices and the type of paper. A common misconception is that you need to use white, beige or gray stationery to remain “business-like”. We can help you choose colors that match your current identity, we have graphic designers available to create custom designs to suit your company.

Paper selection for your letterhead and envelopes can also change how business associates or potential customers see you and your business. There are all kinds of paper weights and finishes that will give a letterhead character. Have you thought about the texture of the paper? Perhaps choosing a linen finish over smooth finish will suit your company better.

There is an endless number of possible combinations for designs, color selections and paper choices, and for some people it can be a little overwhelming. No worries, that’s what we’re here for! Trust our custom printing experts to make your printing experience an easy process. We can help you create effective business stationery regardless of your budget.


June 4

Using Custom Printing Services to Boost Your Business

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Our friends over at Lenker Design are always being asked by clients why printed materials are important when it comes to building a brand. Sometimes people forget that products such as envelopes, letterheads, notepads or presentation folders are a crucial form of marketing that establish your business identity. There are SO many different ways to advertise using printed materials that this month we’re going to dive into the topic of the different ways our custom printing services can help boost your business.

Check back here soon for special offers on print orders and tips for how your company can benefit from using various print items!

PrintHouse(45)… Always INKing big for YOU!


May 25

Life as an Intern

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As an intern this past spring at PrintHouse(45), I learned all about the printing business.  It is more complicated than one would expect.  At previous jobs, I never thought about who printed their letterhead, or where signs come from.  Printing is all around us, with postcards, invitations, event announcements and business cards. All of these items have to go through the process of printing.

Here are a few of the things I learned. First, someone has to decide what is going to go on the printed piece.  You have to make sure your design will look good printed. Lenker Design helped us out a lot with this for customers that needed design help because Lenker graphic designers are experts! The design is also affected by what kind of paper you print on.  There are a lot of paper options, and colors printed on gloss UV will look slightly different printed on a linen paper or dull paper. Also, a very important thing is knowing how many you want printed and what date you need your project printed by. Our print projects are very time sensitive, so it’s a very fast-paced business.

The main thing I learned at PrintHouse(45) is that with all of these decisions and processes, there needs to be a lot of quality control.  They don’t want deadlines to be missed, errors in printing or proofs not checked thoroughly enough for grammatical mistakes, or wrong phone numbers. They are very proactive in making sure everything goes smoothly and the job is delivered correctly, and on time!

While printing can be a lot of work, it is a great way to get creative with your business and get your name out there.


May 3

National Postcard Week

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It’s National Postcard Week!

15% off all postcard orders…… this week only!

Postcard prices start at $69… so with your discount that would only be $58.65. What a GREAT deal!

Email estimating@printhouse45.com with specifications/quantity you want printed.  You will receive a quote promptly!


April 28

Prices so low!

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Our website currently does not have pricing. If you are looking for a price for a particular product you can submit a quote through our website, email or call us. Sounds simple enough! We want to make this even easier for customers and save them a lot of time. We want you to know right away how LOW our printing prices are. PrintHouse(45) is on top of it- we are working on updating the site to include most of our prices.

Here’s a few prices of our most commonly printed items. Please note that delivery is included in these prices. Must provide us with print ready artwork. If you need help with that-ASK! We can help. Again, if you need anything else quoted, submit a request online, email estimating@printhouse45.com or give us a ring…. we’ll be here waiting patiently.

  • BUSINESS CARDS: $29!! 2″x3.5″, 16pt with UV coating, 4/4, 100 quantity
  • POSTCARDS: $69!! 4″x6″, 14pt with UV coating on 1 side, 4/4, 100 quantity
  • FLYERS: $89!! 8.5″x11″, 100# gloss text, 4/0, 200 quantity
  • LETTERHEAD: $99!!! 8.5″x11″, 70# premium opaque, 4/0, 250 quantity
  • ENVELOPES: $189!! #10 standard envelopes, 70# premium uncoated, 4/0, 250 quantity

That is just a sampling of how low our prices are. We hope you think the same.



March 22

Bleed Basics

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Sometimes the printing industry uses strange words. “Bleed” is one of them.

In printing, “bleed” means that the actual colors extend off the edge of the page. If your images run off the page, printers use oversized paper so that we can trim it properly. Most offset and digital printing presses experience slight movement as the paper passes through the press. Also, when your piece is being trimmed down to final size, this happens again from sheet to sheet. This is only a fraction of a millimeter, but the cutter does not want to cut off too much and lose text or a graphic and they also don’t want to cut off too little leaving white space around the border. Sometimes this movement is also referred to as “bounce”.

This is why it is important to have your bleed extend further than the actual cut line.
When designing a printed piece, keep all text and anything you do not want cut at least .125″ from the cut line. Add 1/16″ bleed to all sides so your finished product looks exactly how you expected it to look. Example: A 3×5 postcard should have a full canvas size of 3.125 x 5.125. Your final postcard size will be 3×5 with no white showing around the edges


February 22

Confused about Paper?

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Paper weight is confusing. There is no easy way around it. Have you ever wondered why paper is 50lb or 100lb and where this came from? Confused about the difference in “text weight” and “cover weight”? Most paper weights are measured depending on the most popular end use of different grades.
The number (50lb or 100lb) is the “basis weight”. The basis weight of paper is the total weight of 500 sheets. In easier terms, weight of paper is determined by the weight of 500 sheets, not a single sheet.

For example:
Text paper with the basis size 25″x38″ x 500 sheets (before it is trimmed down) = “x” lbs.
Cover paper (which is thicker) is measured the same way but basis size 20″x26″ x 500 sheets to give you a “x”lb. cover weight.
Thicker papers like 14pt or 16pt are measured by thickness, not weight. Thickness is measured with a micrometer. A point in paper weight is equivalent to a mil (1/1000″). The United States Postal Service requires a 7point thickness for postcards to be mailed. This is comparable to 100lb cover stock. Most of our clients mail postcards on 100lb. cover or 14pt stock.
If someone refers to 100lb paper, be sure to ask if it is 100lb. text or 100lb. cover. Cover papers are thicker and sturdier. Keep in mind that basis size of papers are not all the same. The good news is, your sales representative at PrintHouse(45) can help you! Ask for paper samples from us. You will be amazed at the differences in paper thickness. Then you will be ready to make your decision.
PrintHouse(45). Let us be your missing L”INK” to smarter printing.


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