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September 14

What Kind of Paper Finish is Best for Your Custom Print Job?

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At PrintHouse(45), we’re all about printing your products on the best paper. In fact, we offer several different paper choices which all have their place in the printing industry. Just in case you’re not entirely familiar with these choices here are descriptions of a few paper types and their uses: 


Uncoated paper has no finish and generally uses more ink than coated paper. This is because the ink is absorbed by the paper unlike coated paper where the ink just rests on the surface. It is also the least expensive choice and considered ideal for printing text. Uncoated paper is making a comeback in the business world where a softer and more personal paper texture is often wanted. Uncoated comes in a wide range of colors and textures so the possibilities are endless!

Linen is an uncoated paper with a textured finish that gives the look and feel of linen fabric. This paper is ideal for greeting cards, postcards, stationary, wedding invitations, announcements, and business cards. The subtle texture found on linen paper makes the product unique while adding a professional and often formal touch.


Matte paper is coated but has a flat finish unlike gloss which is highly reflective. Light rays that hit this surface scatter rather than bounce back. Matte paper gives a soft and elegant feel and appearance to a printed piece. It is often used in printing where text is the dominating element such as brochures and reports.

Gloss UV

Gloss UV paper is extremely reflective resulting in sharper graphics, higher contrast and richer colors. It is used for high quality photo printing and is an excellent choice for brochures and flyers that don’t contain a lot of text. This paper stands out in color, quality, and shine.

Silk Laminate

Silk Laminate is an ideal choice for business cards, postcards, or even menus because of its durability and distinctive texture. The texture found on this paper is very silky and smooth to the touch, heightening the appeal to potential customers. To take it to the next level, adding a spot UV coating on certain areas can really make your logo or company name pop!

If you are would like to receive printing samples to get a better idea of what our various options are please fill out the info form on our website and we will send those out in a jiffy!

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